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Ruth Shirley Hunt Armstrong

Exceptional, caring and an inspirational to...

Allene Rosalind Jeanes

Allene Rosalind Jeanes (1906-1995) was an ARS...

Tara Mchugh

Tara McHugh is a food technologist and...

Soheila Maleki

Soheila Maleki, a chemist at the Food...

Hyun Lillehoj

Hyun Lillehoj is a molecular biologist at the...

Attorney Dana Lynn Mazique Washington

Attorney Mazique taught me that laws are designed to protect the people who look the opposite of me. She encouraged me to study the law, understand how politics and government play a huge role in my life, and challenged me to use logic and draw on the strength of the ancestors who come before me. This woman is the reason why I am an educator....

Hannah Myrick

Hannah Myrick was a physician who received her medical degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1900, helping to make it possible for future women to enter medicine. She practiced medicine in Boston and acted as the superintendent of the New England Hospital for Women and Children, where she helped to introduce x-rays to treat women and children.

Rosina Heikel

Rosina Heikel was a Finnish medical doctor and...

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