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Amber Mele'ha Wolf, Ph.D. has had a profound influence on my life. Her teachings help empower women in a gentle way that is in harmony with the Earth, with ancient indigenous beliefs, and with women’s innate intuition. The teachings she shares are aligned with core beliefs of most major religions. About 25 years ago, a family friend had given me the book The Indigo Children, by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. I found it fascinating. My child seemed to be a lot like the kids described in the book, and I became more interested in alternative ideas. I later discovered that Lee Carroll channels an entity called Kryon, who brings messages of peace, love, harmony, and hope. I dipped a toe into that world although it seemed quite strange to me, it was also comforting and uplifting. In December 2019, I was working on an online art challenge. Each mixed media artist created a book with an alphabet theme. I decided to make mine the New Age ABC book. For each letter of the alphabet, I selected one New Age or alternative healing idea and illustrated it with stencils, paint, and collage. As I was working at my art table one afternoon, I heard my inner voice say: “This is the most important thing you will ever do.” It was louder than the usual inner voice, and I was not at all accustomed to listening to my inner knowing. I had been pretty much taught to ignore the little voice in my head. I thought, “that was really, really weird. Really crazy. How could making a little handmade artbook be the most important thing I will ever do?” I wondered if maybe it meant that I would sell the book, or get it published and become a famous children’s book author. That seemed like the most logical and exciting end result. My ABC book included pages for the better-known thing, like angels for A, earth for E, joy for J, and yoga for Y. It also had some very new ideas that I didn’t know much about but was intrigued by, such as the page for the letter L: the Lemurian Teaching Wheel. A few years later I pulled my little book off the shelf and was leafing through it. I saw the page about the Lemurian Teaching Wheel and tried to find more information. There were almost no details, but I did find the website of Amber Mele’ha Wolf and noticed that the very next day there was going to be a free zoom about it. So, I signed up to see what it was all about. It turned out Amber was connected to Lee Carroll, author of The Indigo Children, and part of his international team. She is also a teacher, author, recording artist, healing intuitive, and creator of the Lemurian Sisterhood. She offers seminars and classes online and in-person around the world. Amber also created the Lemurian Shamanism School, which teaches practical Shamanism for women and uses the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. Amber is committed to transformational healing, spiritual growth, and to holistic healthcare and education. Her mission is to assist women in their journey of personal empowerment and transformation. Core teachings are to trust your own intuition and be kind and gentle to all human beings—especially yourself.

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