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Mikaelah Drullard Márquez

1990 - Today

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Here is a translation of Mikaelah Drullard’s profile: Trans woman, non-human, black, mestiza, inhabitant of the third world. Marika travesti, migrant and fleeing the occupying Dominican State, as well as the sex-gender system. She is an afrodescendant antirracist who belongs to the AFROntera Cimarrona collective, as well as to the (de)formation project DécimaOla. She is a voguer as member of the Pank house. She is the creator of the antiracist podcast, “Café Marika y Pájaro Negro”. She did her undergraduate studies in International Relations. She is a writer for several magazines and media outlets. She participated in the poetry anthology, “¡Pájaros, lesbianas y queers, a volar!” (Birds, lesbians and queers, fly away!) by Dominican Writers, and in the Fanzine “Siete mil ríos nos comunican” (Seven thousand rivers communicate us), by FRESTAS Trienal de Artes 2021. She’s been collaborating with social organizations in Mexico for the last 10 years, designing and creating projects that promote freedom of expression and rights’ defense.

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