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Xenia Barnes

1978 - 2024

By: Michelle Barnes-Anderson | Date Added:

Rev. Xenia Barnes, M.Ed/Certified Human Rights Consultant (CHRC), has been an educator for over 2 decades. A former Teacher/Dean/and Dance Choreographer she was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2021 she became an author and motivational speaker. Although she now needs a double lung transplant and has right heart failure she is a candidate for a PHD and lead a group of mothers and young adults to learn how to deal with grief as her title of her book Grieving To Heal. She is an inspiration to so many young adults and to myself has she helped keep me alive through my tragic loss of my only child to gun violence in 2017. Then in 2021. She was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease which forced her to stop working in a formal capacity. Since then, she has been sharing her story to bring awareness to Pulmonary Fibrosis and Lupus. She has turned every bit of her pain and struggles into purpose by publishing several books Grieving to Heal “The Shadow Boarding Experience”, The Recondition “A Guide to Loving Yourself Through the Trauma”, and Loving Yourself Through the Trauma Workbook, to help others learn how to love themselves through their trauma. Her passion for this topic is rooted in my lived experience and personal struggles with feeling alone, silently wishing for a lifeline during my darkest times and battles with depression and anxiety from past traumas unaddressed. Having over 20 years experience in education and over a decade of experience with human behavior including 5 thousand plus hours of graduate and doctoral research hours on the topic, she remains dedicated to being a beacon of hope for others ready to rewrite their stories and conquer their trauma by recognizing they are not their trauma. Her mission is to empower others by using a holistic trauma- informed approach to break generational trauma cycles. Her vision is to utilize as many platforms within her reach to provide generational breakthrough, mental wellness, and social justice talks that improve social-emotional growth and disrupt the continued cycle of community betrayal. She take PRIDE in being a vessel to encourage, educate, and elevate others. She does not wish to be a saviour; instead, her wish is to challenge and inspire! Her goal is to support our others with developing the tools they need to save themselves via EDUCATION and SOCIAL EMOTIONAL GROWTH. She not only a Thought Leader but a Mother, a Faith Leader in the community, and an Activists fighting against the systematic oppression against Black and Brown people. With over 20 years of experience as a thought leader and published author, she has had the privilege to speak at events for esteemed organizations including Con Edison, the American Psychological Association, SEACOAST Mental Health Center, The White House Public Engagement, and over 15 universities.

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