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Guo Jianmei

1960 - Today

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Guo Jianmei is a prominent Chinese lawyer and human rights activist who has dedicated her life to improving women's rights in China. Born in Hua County, Henan Province, into a family of peasants, Guo witnessed the poverty and violation of women's rights in her community, which became the driving force behind her lifelong commitment to advocating for gender equality. Guo pursued her education at Peking University Law School, graduating in 1983. She went on to work at various prestigious institutions, including the Ministry of Justice, The All China Federation of Women, and The All China Association of Lawyers. Currently, she serves as the Executive Director of the Women's Legal Research and Service Centre at Beijing University Law School. In 1995, Guo played a significant role in the founding of the Beijing University Law School Women's Legal Research and Services Centre, the first nonprofit organization in China dedicated to providing legal aid for women. The center became instrumental in safeguarding women's rights and interests in the country. Throughout her career, Guo has actively participated in legal revisions and the enactment of regulations to protect women's rights. Her remarkable achievements have been recognized internationally. She received the Simone De Beauvoir Prize in 2010 and was honored with the International Women of Courage Award by the United States Department of State in 2011. In 2019, she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award for her pioneering and persistent work in securing women's rights in China.

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