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Hua Chunying

1970 - Today

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Hua Chunying is a prominent Chinese diplomat who has been serving as the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of China since 2021. She is widely recognized as the fifth spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a role she has held since 2012. Hua's career in diplomacy began after she graduated from Nanjing University in 1992 with a degree in English language and literature. She joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and steadily rose through the ranks, assuming various positions both within China and abroad. Hua's early assignments included serving in the Ministry's Department of Western Europe and the China Embassy in Singapore. She later held positions in the Mission of China to the European Union, where she gained extensive experience. Over the years, she took on roles such as staff member, attaché, third secretary, second secretary, first secretary, and counselor. In 2012, Hua was promoted to the position of deputy director of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, concurrently assuming the role of the ministry's spokesperson. Her tenure as a spokesperson has been marked by her active engagement in international affairs and her articulate defense of China's position on various issues. Hua has also played a crucial role in shaping China's foreign policy and has been a delegate to important party congresses. With her wealth of experience and expertise, Hua Chunying continues to contribute significantly to China's diplomatic endeavors and plays a vital role in representing China's interests on the global stage.

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