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Catherine Harry

1995 - Today

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Catherine Harry is a Cambodian influencer. She founded a vlog channel called A Dose of Cath and uses it as a platform to discuss topics that are usually not talked about enough in Cambodia because they are often deemed taboo. The topics she tackles include safe sex, masturbation, rape, abortion, divorce, etcetera. Harry aims to empower women. One of her most popular videos is of her discussing female virginity, gaining more than two million views and over 45,000 shares. Harry took it upon herself to normalize the discussion of important topics that most people are usually too scared to talk about. She is utilizing her platforms and social media presence to open a conversation and alter norms, especially in Cambodia. Harry has had such an influence on people that she was even named one of Forbes’ 2018 30 Under 30s. Today, she has racked up over 118,000 subscribers on YouTube and continues to help guide the conversation between women on topics that need to be discussed more, such as safe sex and abortion rights.

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