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Audrey Jeffers

1898 - 1968

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Audrey Jeffers was a social worker and the first female member of the Legislative Council of Trinidad and Tobago. In 1921, she established the Coterie of Social Workers (COSW), which supplied poor school children with free lunches. COSW later opened the first “Breakfast Shed” and launched other sectors of the organization throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The organization also built homes for the elderly, disadvantaged women, and day nurseries. Additionally, Jeffers pushed for more employment opportunities for educated Black women, the introduction of a scholarship for girls, and the establishment of a Women’s Police Force in Trinidad and Tobago. All of her incredible work led to her becoming the first woman to be nominated to the Legislative Council in 1946. Jeffers always prioritized the well-being of the community in Trinidad and Tobago. Her work spoke volumes about her character, and the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago were extremely grateful for her. A highway was even built and named in her honor in the early 1980s called the Audrey Jeffers Highway.

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