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Abimbola Bamigboye

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Abimbola Bamigboye is the founder and managing partner at AUDEO. This firm provides small and medium-sized enterprises all around Africa with accounting and bookkeeping services. Furthermore, AUDEO leverages the accounting information it obtains to offer initiatives that reduce costs and waste, optimize capacity, and improve efficiency. AUDEO is a Latin word for “I dare” and “venture.” When Bamigboye read it in a book when she was 12 years old; she knew that one day she would call her business that. Additionally, Bamigboye is a social change activist, so she dedicates herself to finding and executing solutions to very complex issues that affect the youth and society. She also founded The Healthy Salad Company, which is a healthy meal company based in Lagos. As a successful and proud Nigerian woman, Bamigboye wants to continue to provide companies and youth across Africa with the right materials and support to thrive and prosper, too.

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