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Christine Sun Kim

1980 - Today

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Christine Sun Kim - born in 1980 - is an American sound artist based in Berlin, Germany. Kim was born deaf, which led her to focus her artistic career on exploring the materiality of sound through various mediums such as visual art, composition, performance, and more. Her work dives into the sensory-rich process of connecting sound to drawing, painting, etc., as she was taught to believe that sound wasn’t a part of her life. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and her body of work proves that. What Kim has done is essentially create her own language - one that incorporates elements of body language, American Sign Language (ASL), musical notation, and more. Her works explore how sound operates in society and how to make audible noise perceivable both visually and conceptually. She’s spoken at a global art forum, Art Dubai, about exposing overlap in language systems like ASL through her presented work. Additionally, she presented a TED Talk about “The enchanting music of sound language” which explores sound etiquette, how she reclaimed ownership of sound as a Deaf woman and incorporating that into her art. Nevertheless, she is a talented artist that has used her struggles to become one of her superpowers. Her story inspires others to embrace our uniqueness and make it our power.

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