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Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak

By: Rosemary Kelly Morgan | Date Added:

As the first baby of an Army couple stationed in Europe, Megan Smolenyak was introduced to the world as a wide and wonderful place and learned that language did not need to be a barrier. Her parents took full advantage of their location and travelled throughout Europe. Megan's smile lifted any obstacles that might have existed. Her parents fostered an interest in and respect for other cultures. By her own admission, she "had the best babyhood ever." When I read that line in her newsletter, I thought with that one sentence, Megan fulfilled her parents' ambitions. They must have been the example for her extreme generosity of spirit and her interest in connecting with people and simply connecting people. Attached below, is a link to her website. It includes many informative bios of Megan that describe her education and enumerate her awards and accolades. They are worth reading. My impression of Megan is that she was born to this vocation and with all the various twists and turns in her early careers, she never lost sight of the value her passion for genealogy would hold for others. Her career has found her digging in the roots of celebrities and finding a place on a family tree for a lost soldier or the inhabitant of a neglected grave. Megan brings more than competence and skill to her research. Her success is driven by her love of humanity and ability to assist others in bridging the gap between past and present for greater self-understanding.

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