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Jasilyn Charger

1998 - Today

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"It doesn't take an extraordinary person to do extraordinary things." Jasilyn Charger was 19 when she decided to take action and spent months on the frontlines of the Standing Rock protests. She is a Lakota Sioux activist who was against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Although Trump has passed an executive order to advance the pipeline which will go through two Native American reservations, her activism still remains strong and will never be forgotten. After months of protesting the DAPL, Charger decided to start the International Indigenous Youth Council at Standing Rock. Which empowers indigenous youth to be leaders of their communities and protectors of their sacred land and resources. Charger and other DAPL activist remain of the frontlines despite the use of force by police officers. "We forget, as the people, that we have the power, that we have the power to change the system if we don't like it."

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