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Vera Nilsson

1888 - 1979

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Vera Nilsson was a famous Swedish expressionist painter known for her expressive and vibrant works that often depicted landscapes, portraits, and scenes of everyday life. Born on June 1, 1888, in Jönköping, Sweden, Nilsson pursued her artistic education at the Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg and later at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Her early work was influenced by her studies and the prevailing styles of the time, but she quickly developed a distinct voice characterized by bold colors and dynamic compositions. Nilsson’s career was marked by her dedication to capturing the essence of Swedish life and nature. She often painted scenes from her travels across Sweden and other parts of Europe, infusing her landscapes with a sense of movement and emotional depth. Her portraits, known for their intensity and psychological insight, frequently featured children and women, reflecting her interest in their experiences and emotions. Nilsson is also remembered for her compelling portrayals of children, particularly her daughter Ginga, and her vibrant landscapes depicting Öland, where she often spent summers. Her strong opposition to war is palpable in her pieces like "Penning conta liv." This was painted amidst the Spanish Civil War turmoil in 1939. By the 1960s, her art took a bold stance against nuclear warfare. Nilsson's influential artworks are prominently featured in prestigious museums and galleries both in Sweden and abroad, including the National Museum in Sweden and Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Throughout her life, Nilsson was an active participant in the Swedish art scene. She exhibited her work regularly and was involved in various artistic circles and movements. Her contributions to Swedish art were recognized with several awards and honors, including the prestigious Prince Eugen Medal for outstanding artistic achievement in 1948. Vera Nilsson passed away on May 13, 1979, but her artistry is remembered through her vibrant and evocative body of work. Her paintings continue to be celebrated for their bold use of color, expressive brushwork, and the emotional resonance they convey. Nilsson's contributions to Swedish art remain significant, and her works continue to inspire both viewers and artists alike.

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