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Donna Eden

1953 - Today

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Donna Eden is widely recognized as a leading figure in the field of "Energy Healing". She was born with the unique ability to "see energy" and has since used this gift to help herself and countless others overcome physical and psychological ailments. Her mother, who was an orphan, also had the ability to see energies in people, and she passed this gift on to her daughter Donna. They openly discussed and identified people's "colors" and were open to holistic medicine. Eventually, Donna's initially skeptical father also had a change of heart, leading the entire family to embrace this passion. While Donna attributes much of her understanding of energy healing to her family, she has dedicated almost four decades to sharing her knowledge with the public. She has authored books, produced DVDs, conducted lectures, and moreā€”all in an effort to heal others using her expertise. Donna serves as an inspiration to many, and although some may question her work, the fact remains that she has helped numerous individuals recover without relying on modern medicine, thus reclaiming their lives.

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