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Eva Bacon

1909 - 1994

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Eva Bacon (1909 – 1994) was a significant socialist and feminist who made considerable contributions to the labor movement and women's rights in Australia. Eva Bacon was born Eva Goldner on February 10, 1909, in Vienna, Austria. Eva demonstrated an early passion for social issues and was influenced by the political climate of post-World War I Europe, which was marked by significant social and economic upheaval. Eva studied at the University of Vienna, where she was exposed to Marxist and socialist ideas. Her education and the political atmosphere of Vienna in the 1920s and 1930s fueled her commitment to social change. As the political situation in Austria deteriorated with the rise of fascism, Eva became increasingly involved in anti-fascist activities and joined socialist groups that opposed the oppressive regime. In 1939, as the threat of Nazi persecution intensified, Eva emigrated to Australia with her husband, Dr. Hugo Bacon, whom she had married in 1936. The couple settled in Brisbane, where Eva continued her activism in her new homeland. She quickly became involved in the labor movement and joined the Communist Party of Australia, through which she campaigned for workers' rights and social justice. Eva Bacon's activism in Australia was multifaceted. She played a key role in the Queensland branch of the Union of Australian Women (UAW), an organization dedicated to advocating for women's rights and social equality. Her work with the UAW included campaigning for equal pay, improved working conditions, and access to education and healthcare for women. She was known for her powerful oratory skills and her ability to mobilize and inspire people. In addition to her work with the UAW, Eva was a significant figure in the Australian peace movement, advocating for nuclear disarmament and international cooperation. Her commitment to socialism and feminism was evident in her efforts to bridge the gap between the labor movement and the women's movement, emphasizing that true social progress required the liberation of both workers and women. Eva Bacon passed away on July 21, 1994, leaving behind a profound impact on social justice activism. Her contributions to the labor movement and women's rights in Australia had a lasting influence, and she is remembered as a pioneering figure who fought for equality and justice in all aspects of society.

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