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Lala Pasquinelli

1976 - Today

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Visual artist, feminist activist and lawyer, Lala Pasquinelli carries out campaigns that challenge the ideals of beauty installed in society and in the media. Creator of the project “Women who were not magazine covers”, in 2023 the BBC chose her as one of the 100 most influential and inspiring women in the Culture and Education category for her fight against stereotypes and traditional mandates. She was born in La Emilia, a town of 2,000 inhabitants located on the border of the province of Buenos Aires. A lawyer specializing in taxes, at one point she felt that something in her life had “run out”. Fulfilling what was expected of her as a woman made her feel uncomfortable. She began to look for new paths. She found her place in the visual arts and “artivism”, art of protest and resistance. After taking various courses and workshops, in 2015 she conceived “Mujeres que no fueron tapa" (MQNFT), a feminist initiative for social transformation. MQNFT aims to “show how mass culture reproduces and constructs gender stereotypes and mandates; denaturalize and hack it; and build other narratives by expanding women's voices and stories that are constructed outside of those models and impositions,” they state on the website. The artist works to eliminate the ideals of feminine beauty that she considers “classist, sexist and racist”. Based on the fact that “since we are very young we received education that tells us that we have to comply with the gestures, roles and habits of ‘good women’ to be chosen”, she started campaigns through social networks to combat the representation of women and make visible how the gender gap emerges in everyday situations.

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