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Dorottya Rédai

1970 - Today

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Hungarian academic Dorottya Redai is one of the LGBTQ activists in her country, fighting against government discrimination against sexual dissidence. For her work instilling the value of diversity in children, she was included among Time 2021's 100 most influential people. Dorottya is a researcher at the Center for Public Policy at the Central European University in Hungary, where she has previously taught courses on gender and education. She holds a PhD, which she obtained with a research on how inequality is reproduced in schools. She is also part of the Labrisz collective, a lesbian association that has been working for inclusion, while in Hungary sexual diversity is persecuted, stigmatized and even punished by the government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. In 2020 Dorottya spearheaded the publication of a book for children, called Fairy Tales are for Everyone. There, instead of Snow White, the story of Black Leaf, a black.princess, was told. Or a prince achieved his perfect love by marrying another prince. These children's stories not only modified the stories to include LGBTQ characters, but also characters with disabilities, some of them elderly or trans. The book generated a scandal in Hungary, when members of the local ultra-right-wing party tore up copies at a press conference; it is forbidden to sell it near churches or schools and the publisher was asked to carry a warning about content that goes against government values. In the face of this persecution, Dorottya has not grown weary, and believes that international recognition encourages her to continue working for LGBTQ rights, even if it sometimes means hard work and full of risks.

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