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Eva Ekeblad

1724 - 1786

By: Mary Stein | Date Added:

Eva Ekebald was a Swedish countess who was a salon hostess, agronomist, and scientist. Because of the frequent absence of her husband on business, Eva was given the responsibility of the management of the three estates, including the tasks of supervising the bailiffs and presiding at the country-assemblies of the parishes of the estates. She was known for being fair to the peasants under her rule and as someone who did not hesitate to rectify and punish wrongdoings during conflicts with local dignitaries. She is most well known for discovering a method to create alcohol and flour from potatoes, a discovery that lessened the incidence of famine in Sweden because it allowed for more grain to be put towards food production. In addition to it's usefulness as a food stable, Eva also helped replace the dangerous ingredients in cosmetics at the time with potato flour in 1752. She also discovered a method of bleaching cotton textile and yarn with soap in 1751, Eva was made the first honorary female member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1748.

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