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Josephine Cochrane

Josephine Cochrane was the successful inventor...

Bonnie Pfleiderer

Bonnie Pfleiderer is a successful...

Virginia Suarez Dratman

Virginia Suarez Dratman is an entrepreneur...

Sarraounia Queen Of The Azna

At the closing of the 1800s, France had some of its all-time worst ambassadors plowing through Africa. Paul Voulet and Julien Chanoine, of the predictably-named Voulet-Chanoine Mission, were acting as if they were competing for a “most heinous atrocity” award. They’d put in a strong showing, going above their baseline of raping and pillaging by...

Caroline Mcreynolds

Activist? My mother was an activist in the most fundamental sense of that term. Here is how she inspired me and my sister. 1. She taught us to love family and to put that love into action. Her family was Orthodox. When - as a teenager - she married a Christian she became something of a non-person to the family. Yet when her parents...

Tep Vanny

Tep Vanny is a land right activist and a human...

Sirikan Charoensiri

Sirikan Charoensiri is a Thai Human Rights...

Zarela Martinez

Zarela Martinez is a celebrated Mexican Chef...

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