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Krista Gobins

“I tend to work for people who take it as...

Nabawiya Musa

Musa is an feminist educator and a writer. She...

Wendy Garcia

Wendy Garcia is the chief diversity officer at...

Maria Cruz

Maria Cruz is the director of Digital...

Madeleine Palletier

Madeleine Pelletier is an Feminist and...

Alana Pilar Cantillo

Alana Pilar Cantillo is the Director of...

Atlanta Washerwomen Strikers

In July 1881, the Washing Society was formed in Atlanta. These black laundresses went on strike to establish a uniform rate for their services to achieve better pay, and with the help of church ministers rallied over 3,000 laundresses to their cause, and achieved their goal of uniform pay, and respect for their profession.

Judith Kazantzis

"She would take the old patriarchal myths and...

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